What we offer

Therapeutical accompanying /Counselling for people in crisis-situations and at turning-points for adults and senior-citizens.

  • For Spain-based people at the Costa Blanca easy access.

  • For non residents of the Costa Blanca (holiday-maker and others) an extended and unusual therapy-combination: Relaxation through distance to your usual environment with its conflicts and through the support of the psychotherapeutic counselling-sessions.

  • For People from England or other Countries that are looking for a holistic therapeutical method far away from their circle of friends, from their problems, homes and country.

Short and intensive:

When your are coming from England or other countries you normally cannot stay in Spain for longer. Therefore we practice usually a short-term- and solution-directed therapy. We offer you an intensive-week-package, that is 3-6 meetings (inclusive the week-end) with each a 1 -or-2 hour session according to your personal situation and available time.


  • Single and Couple-Counselling; Group-work (1), Family-therapy.

  • Personality-Structure-Test (PST) of the Institute for Practical Psychology (IPP, Freudenstadt) of Professor Dr. M. Dieterich, in order to get to know our self and each other. (Temperament, Character and Personality, to be able to work resource-oriented).

  • Prepare/Enrich test for engaged and married couples in order to better prepare and get to know each other for partnership, to discover areas of strength and necessary growth.

  • Individual Coaching: Maybe you are at a certain point in your life where you cannot get on anymore. You do not see any goal, all is dark, you have no more visions and motivations. Maybe you get always again into the same trap or you have a new task-decision and you do not have the courage to cope with. Possibly you suffer from depression, stress or burnout. We counsel you and help you with our concept of "integrative psychotherapeutical Counselling.

(1) Meetings in Groups

When individual patients find Counselling at our side we can also establish an additional "Supporting therapeutical Fellowship", a group-work, possibly also men- and women-groups. This of course is a free offer.