Fields of our Counselling
Our psychotherapeutical /accompanying care-taking

We all know crises and difficulties in our life. They are part of life. Sometimes it is helpful and healthy to share them with someone. In specials situations, we all need a "accompaniment" in our life.

You can turn to us:
  • By problems of self-worth,
  • When you have developed minority-complexes and the feeling of adequacy is more and more reduced,
  • In personal crises of life and in difficult situations of decision-making,
  • In case of difficulties with distance to others as well as such of lack of communication ability
  • Marriage and family-problems
  • Conflicts after separation, divorce and remarriage,
  • Sense of guilt, fear,
  • Lack of meaning of life and no goals,
  • Burnout experience
  • Deep hurts, misuse: physically, psychologically, spiritually or emotionally
  • Before severe decisions,
  • Experience of loss mourning, loneliness
  • Problems of ageing
  • Problems due to being a senior-adult
  • Personal conflicts with moral-religious laws and the reality of life.

Disturbances and problems where we cannot help:

Unfortunately we cannot accept people with severe and acute psychosis, severe depressions, severe addictions, especially those with actual substance-dependency or use, epilepsy, as well as people with explicit minor* and brain-organic disturbances which deserve a psychiatric, medical or first a hospital treatment. Therefore it is important to first have a short telephone-contact (see: contact).

P.S.: We can probably offer such people therapeutical support if they are in medical treatment in Spain in a close by location and the doctors agree with our co-operation or therapeutical support.


Man-Women, a being that finally and really is on the search for life´s meanings."
Viktor E. Frankl

"Crises are challenges and chances. Managing them can lead to further development of life and maturity. Mistakes can lead to new steps".
Conrado Grandville