Conrado Eduardo Grandville
Director and co-ordinator

"Today I am involved in ministry as a Counsellor with all my heart. I reached this point in my experience having been moulded by various significant experiences of life, which have given me compassion and a deeper understanding of those who suffer. Thus I can better sympathise, bear with them and help". (All things work out for good...).

Conrado Grandville, born in 1953, is working for 21 years in the area of counselling and pastoral care. Besides pastoral-theology he studied in the areas of family therapy, psychological counselling and psychotherapy. From 1984 to 1994 he was pastor and counsellor in Germany. Besides these duties he worked at a psychological joint praxis, later independently as counsellor/therapist respectively free practitioner co-operating with various specialists.

He also gained experience in the area of counselling in Italy. There he produced a program with the tittle: "Conrado is answering your letters" for the television. During a period of four years he received more than 1500 letters. 300 of those he answered live on Italian television. In a similar way he worked for 13 years at a Radio Station in Germany. Here he took part in the production of Spanish and Italian broadcasting, which Radio Monte Carlo transmitted. Here also a series of tapes about psychological and emotional problems was published, likewise a Book in Spanish and Italian. He gained further experience in working for an emergency and counselling-telephone service and as a hospital and emergency counsellor.

Conrado Grandville received many letters from clients expressing their gratitude for his psychotherapeutical support and help. This letters are a confirmation of his calling to therapeutical-counselling work.


Graduate of Pastoral Theology including the following studies in related fields:
  • Further Training in Family Counselling (Systemic Family Therapy), BTS (Psychotherapeutical and Christian Counselling), Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy.
  • Listing in Spain including official Licensing as Psychotherapist (Polytechnic Federation of Professional Graduates).
  • Listing in Germany VFP.e.V. (Association of Independent Psychotherapists and Psychological Counsellors).
* The above mentioned Education consists of 4.227 didactic lectures (exclusive supervision- and practical units).

Prof. Dr. Michael Dieterich, Director of BTS/IPS, Freudenstadt, Germany.