Therapeutical-Procedures -Methods
Integrative Premise
Multimodal, Multimethodal, Multiperspective

We mainly work resource-oriented, moreover preventive/prophylactic. Our method is not a "dictatorial" one rather a constructive dialogue. For us the client and the counsellor do perform a new system together, where both in therapeutical processes are mutually integrated and where both are concerned to develop new solutions.

An important goal hereby is, to discover and support the personal resources everyone possesses, to involve them into the process and to activate them as "tool" of problem-solving.

Our concept of counselling and psychological/personal care combines the traditional methods and techniques of counselling with modern psychotherapeutical processes and scientific discoveries. The method of operation is based upon the kind of specific problem to be solved in a multi-methodical and changed phases. (We are working with the ICD; IV,10)

Integrative Premise also means:
That the management of daily problems, of crises and the question about the meaning of life, in the therapeutical processes with the different methods, elements strategies, alternatives, etc. will also be integrated and worked on.


In the context of integrative premises used we employ elements of Psychological Counselling (encouragement appreciation, accompanying, honesty, support, care-taking) and elements of Christian Counselling (Comfort, Empathy, Forgiving, personal care) and likewise elements of contemporary Psychotherapy: Procedures of Client Centered-Therapy (self-realisation), Behaviour-Therapy (new-thinking, new orientation), Individual and Depth Psychology (settling of the past in view of the future), Logo-Therapy (meaning-centered approach), Gestalt-Therapy (here and now), Transaction-Analysis (father-adult-child-role), Self-Reflection (meditation-questions), Family-Therapy (systemic premise), Personality-Structure-Test (PST) and Partnership-Test (Prepare Enrich), also adequate Relaxation-Techniques (PM Jacobsen), Ergo-Therapy (art- and music).

The concept of "soul-care/pastoral care" connects classical methods/elements of Christian Counselling and modern psychotherapeutical procedures and techniques. Christian Counselling elements as prayer, confession, reconciliation, faith, Godīs Word/Gospel are integrated in our sessions when the patient is asking for. We respect everyone's opinion. We are there for each and everyone! (see: Neutrality)

  • Personality-Structure-Test: (PST)
    The PTS is a standardised test-procedure. This test is a worthy aid in the realm of personality-analysis and personality development. This instrument is also used in personality-selection and management consultation with very good success. In the starting-phase we take only 15% of the normal price (see: Costs).

  • Prepare-Enrich-Test:
    This possibility is meaningful:
    - to analyse the differences in partnership,
    - to further the realisation of strengths in your relationship,
    - to discover the possibilities of areas of growth in your relationship,
    - to better understand the origin and family-roots and their structures and relations,
    - to better understand and accept your partner and his/her background

    Our integrative premise means also provision of active therapy.

    The Patient -on voluntary basis- is encouraged to take an active part in the meetings, i.e.:

  • Tests, questionnaires,
  • SWriting, painting,
  • Home-work for testing of new behaviour-patterns,
  • Role-plays, relaxation-exercises,
  • Literature recommendations,
  • Usage of things like music instruments.
"With all these -tools- I accompany persons looking for meaningful decisions and changes. Yet-without the ability to minimise the value of these important tools- one of the major basis of Counselling is a deep love for the neighbour, particularly for the suffering people".
Conrado Grandville.