Supporter of our Therapeutical Consultation

Supporter and supervisor is the IPP-IPS-BTS.

Founder and Director: Prof. Dr. Michael Dieterich. Professor with chair of Educational Science at the Hamburg University and founder/director of the Institute for Psychology and Counselling in Freudenstadt. His a researcher in the area of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Born: 1942, three adult-children.

His Wife, Hilde Dieterich, is co-Founder at these Institutes. She has studied in the area of Music-Teaching and also Psychotherapy. She is the Principal of Group-therapy at these institutes.
(f.l.t.r.) C. Grandville, Prof. Dr. M. a. Hilde Dieterich.

What is IPP/IPS/BTS ?
Three Institutes working together, but with different centre points.
  • IPP is an Institute for Practical Psychology in the area of personal and business and executive management.
  • IPS is an academic Institute of investigations for Psychology and Christian Counselling.
  • BTS Germany is a non profit organisation of Training and Supervision in the areas of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Christian Counselling.

Basic Philosophy:
To investigate and integrate new convictions and ideas of modern Psychology, Educational Science and Christian Counselling in every kind of Consulting. We believed that all solutions cannot be resolved only with psychology because the human existence is a very depth and complex with different areas: Soul, Spirit and Body. Each area has a special meaning and special needs. We have not the "last" answer but we will try to help people sincerely.