Goals of our Counselling
Serving - Helping - Healing

With our service we want to help solving the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of people, also to support people in situations or crisis of the "every day" problems.

Besides medical treatment, psychiatry, pharmacology and social science, therapeutical counselling is an important part of health-care, of the psycho-social competency and the enhancement of life-quality.

The goal of our therapeutical work in co-operation with you is:

  • to develop a way of accepting in regard to the individual biography,
  • a meaningful integration and stability of the emotions,
  • an active and positive shaping of life in order to better cope with daily situations and happenings,
  • to discover access to the roots and the background of underlying problems and here also to discover, understand and shape personal involvement to find inward and outward balance,
  • to get to know your temperament, character and personality in order to understand yourself better,
  • furthering of personal resources/gifts in order to solve the problems in view of the future,
  • to discover your areas of growth and strengths, to develop new dynamics in the emotional and spiritual realm,
  • to develop independence, in order to cope wit daily life autonomously,
  • to discover spiritual aspects, minimising of fear in regard to your own personal self,

At the end of the Counselling-sessions every patient receives a questionnaire to explain his/her opinion about our work/intervention for response.